The Damned

Nothing like downloading The Damned on a Sunday afternoon… I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get to The Damned (Clay couldn’t believe I beat him to it), but you just don’t expect some of your old favorites to be this on top of things. I was turned onto The Damned years ago by a good friend who had amassed a huge vinyl collection, which I believe included, close to, if not, everything The Damned had released. I spent many hours at his house taping albums and recording mix tapes of The Damned. Then in 1993 his home was among hundreds burned in the Laguna Beach fire, burning along with it, yes, all that vinyl. I don’t know if I’ve ever really repaid him for turning me onto some great music, so hey, Randy, gimme a call and bring your iPod…

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  1. *sings* i love the damned, i love the damned, i love the damned, i love the damned.
    alright so i only got into them… two days ago. but i love them. bought series ii of the young ones and of course they’re in nasty performing nasty. love the song. loveit love it love it. and dave is extremely hot. yummy. so i looked them up on the net. and i’m downloading the damned on a sunday afternoon…

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