Thee More Shallows

Ahhh, it feels great to be back sharing the sharing. We were having some ugly hosting problems, and during the downtime many of you dropped us lovely “missing you” notes. One letter, from Ander W., expressed sheer dismay at the fact that we hadn’t posted Thee More Shallows. As I mentioned to Ander, Thee More Shallows and their beautiful, Bay Area blend of whisper rock was at the top of my to-do list. At the top of your to-do list should be “purchase More Deep Cuts by Thee More Shallows.” Dee Kesler and company spent almost three years working on this album, so if you buy it for, say, thirteen dollars, you’re paying the band .011 cents a day for their efforts. A small price to pay for this work of art.

05/09/06 Update: New EP + MP3 from Thee More Shallows

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  1. Wow. I mean.. Wow.
    I see myself wearing the CD out like I did The Postal Service.
    To me, it's a little death cab, a little cure, a little joy division in the drums. Good juice!!!

  2. I love this band. The singers way of singing is like the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie, love it. I'll be buying this bands cd as soon as i can find their CD :]

  3. I really like your sound. It's very calming yet inspiring and different.
    My favorite is probably a perfect map.

  4. I listened to 2am over and over, and I think I got the lyrics down for it. If anyone can hear it better, tweak this up for me. ^^
    Thee More Shallows – 2am
    When it begins, sounds rushes in, and drowns out everything.
    Sideways and back,
    You cover your ears.
    The roar is deafening.
    When it won’t quit, you stagger off, and into the hall.
    Out there it’s louder, somebody’s party.
    You start to yell.
    “Hey buddy hey! Hey buddy please!
    Would you quiet down? You’re killing me.
    Its 2 am, time to sleep.”
    The sound keeps going, till the walls are shaking,
    But no one answers, but you keep going around and banning the doors.
    It seems strange, there’s no one home.
    You start to wonder, who’s making that noise if I’m up here all alone.
    Till the Pitch hits, you stop caring, cause what was piercing, is now controlled.
    And there’s no wonder why. There’s no conflict, you breathe it out.
    You let it go. You start a song.
    And when you sing, the sound is gone.
    And when you sing, the lights come on.
    And then the doors are open wide.
    And the whole hall staggers out and sings along.
    You rub your eyes.
    They come closer.
    It’s morning.

  5. Wow thx for posting those lyrics, Hana, they helped me out alot!
    Few corrections:
    "It's 2am, time to sleep" is really "I'm trying to sleep".
    Also, it's banging doors – not banning them =P
    Again thanks for posting these and Merry Christmas (It's 2:44am where I live at the moment =D)

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