I originaly posted Solvent 16 months ago. In fact, they were one of the first bands featured on 3hive. Just days after, Ghostly pulled down their full-length MP3s due to bandwidth constraints and there went my Solvent post. As Sean points out over in the News section, Ghostly’s recently found some bandwidth in their hearts and now offer, among others, this gem from Solvent’s latest, Elevators and Oscillators. For the record, my original post was one line: “Proof once again from the Ghostly Massive that machines do have souls.” Still holds true today.

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  1. Can you say FUTUREWORLD?? Trans Am's 1999 release is the first record I ever heard a vocorder on. They sound really similar, especially with the synth.

  2. In the blurb for "Wish," it says Solvent is a band. I hate to break it to you folks but it is just one guy, a laptop, an old Korg, and a mic. What a guy he is, he is awesome live.

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