Mission of Burma

I swear the punk rock kid in high school — the big one, John (?), not the skinny one, Adam (Sam might remember this better than I do) — had “Mission of Burma” stencilled on the back of his black leather jacket. Naturally, I thought it referenced World War II in some way. And so, with thoughts of John and the ’80s in mind, I’d like to dedicate this post to Jared, fan of bands that were around long before he was conceived. Although his Favorite Song Ever, Mission of Burma’s “Academy Fight Song,” isn’t available in the free and legal MP3 form (a video of this song is, however, on the band’s homepage), these tracks from, oh, last year, when Jared was 17, are pretty kicking too. Enjoy.


2 Replies to “Mission of Burma”

    listening to misson of burma’s “academy fight song” on the way to the coffee bean after the prom.
    :)three cheers for posting a sweet band!

  2. I pray every night that Mission of Burma will go on tour. And frankly, I’m not that religious. I do love “Acadamy Fight Song” especially during moments like the one Katherine described… is it possible to act more like a typical angst filled teenager? I think not.

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