Yes, I admit, I can be quite obsessive. Case in point: Sambassadeur‘s song “Whatever Season.” I’ve got it looping in its own playlist in MP3 player. But this obsessive behavior is nothing new, as 3hive’s own Sam can testify. Back when he and I shared a room in college I went thru a Swirlies phase. Swirlies are still alive and kicking, thanks to main man Damon Tutunjian. In their prime, no one could make a racket as beautifully as them Swirlies. Now please pardon me while I load my entire Swirlies collection onto my MP3 player.


2 Replies to “Swirlies”

  1. You too??
    I thought I was the only one who obsesses your posts into the ground…
    The perfect 45 would have Between the Lines b/w Whatever the Season (only some extended remix).
    Sad thing is, I like the mp3s so much, I’m afraid to visit their website, or even buy the album lest I’m disappointed.

  2. I know exactly what you mean.
    Case in point: former Swirlie Seana Carmody. She left to start her own band Syrup USA. Her wondeful song "Thrill Fit" appeared on March Records' Pop American Style. When Syrup USA's debut album (with possibly the lamest album cover ever) came out, I snapped it up. I listened to it once and have never even looked at it again (except to show people the lame album cover). I should have just stuck with the one song, and retained a fondness of Syrup USA forever, but no, I had to ruin it all by buying their album (which even had a lame re-work of "Thrill Fit").

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