Bear vs. Shark

Whoever said that adults are constantly trying to relive their youth isn’t as crazy and jaded as all of the actuaries in your life might have you think. I, for one, am happy to find a band that�ll make me recall something as banal as rolling down the highway in my Chevy Sprint Turbo, bobbing my head to strains of Fugazi, The Pixies, Nation of Ulysses, Quicksand — whatever made a lot of noise. Plus, cacophony was pretty much all that sounded right on 3-inch factory speakers cranked loud enough to drown out the rumble of that three-cylinder Sprint engine, especially when that turbo power kicked in. Bear vs. Shark makes me misty-eyed over those kinds of memories without pushing too many nostalgia buttons of their own, so pretend you’re behind the wheel and bob along.

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