MC Chris

I first heard MC Chris on last week’s installment of “Synchronicity” on KUCI with the always topical DJ Longbeard. He opened his show with the hilarious “Fette’s Vette” (follow along with the lyrics). Boba Fett is my son’s favorite Star Wars character. However, due to the song’s lyrical content, he won’t be hearing this song (he’s eight) nor will he be seeing the final Star Wars installment. I hear it’s just a tad too dark. Lucas sucks. He lures the kiddies into SW I & II with a character like Jar Jar Binks, making the films nearly impossible to watch, then makes III nearly impossible for the kids to watch. So back to MC Chris — not only is he a prolific rapper (check out all the MP3s on his site), he’s also the voice for MC Pee Pants on Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

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  1. Ah yes. Thanks for the correction. I'm obviously not a Star Wars geek. Just a geek. I'm gonna go ahead and make that edit to my post…..

  2. Please, let your kid see III, then follow up with IV, V, VI, so that he can see the progression from good to evil and back again, because that’s the point. III is not harmful at all and well worth seeing (considering he already suffered through I & II).

  3. Donno: too late.
    I am going to see III this weekend for my wife's birthday (she IS a Star Wars geek), and as a preview to see if we do take our son. I'm going off what I keep hearing from friends…

  4. Oh man MC Chris is downright sick. I discovered him about a year or two ago, but was really sad now that he finally tours his two concerts fell on bad dates for me. Fette's Vette… lyrical genius. You can download his whole new album free off his site, too.

  5. Dont see any of that garbage? Good to evil and back again? Lucas is just evil and nothing more. You are a whore and a sucker if you drop one dime for those facists.

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