A playful, boy/girl pop duo from San Diego backed by members of area scene stars: Pinback, Black Heart Procession, Rocket From the Crypt, and Castanets. This is a band who, in the album credits, refers to drums as “boomkadittles” and bass and guitar as “thunderstick” and “lightenin’ stick” respectively. Not sticklers for spelling, but sticklers for something much more important: making music that makes you laugh and dance and in the case of the ending of “Yes/No,” check outside your windows for UFOs.


3 Replies to “Bunky”

  1. I am reviewing this album right now. It's pretty interesting. Supposedly, they are something of a legend in San Diego and are considered very under rated/unappreciated by their fans.

  2. for some reason i cannot enter the BUNKY website and was wondering about a list of upcoming shows…. huh? yeah?

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