Ursula 1000

An oldie but a goodie (like 2003 is old!). Ursula 1000 is one Alex Gimeno, a New York DJ who delightfully blends samba, bossanova, and 60’s groove with smart beats. Sure, it’s nothing new, but Ursula 1000 is a leading adherent of the genre, and “Samba 1000” is awfully catchy. Dada…dada..da..da..da…


2 Replies to “Ursula 1000”

  1. AARRGH! VH1 outs another 3hive band!!
    The line: "Ooh, that IS kinky! Ha, ha, ha, ah…" from Ursula 1000's 'Kinda Kinky' was heard at the end of this episide: "VH1 All Access: On Set Hook-Ups" aired on 9/14/2005.
    Last time I noticed it was Calla, and before that, TV on the Radio. Then about the same time Fox's "The O.C." took Spoon.
    It's as if they take these pearls and throw them to the swine. Oddly enough, they are better received than I anticipate. Maybe I'm softening in my *old* age, or we're finally experienced enough to be crafitng (pop) culture. Or it's just that we have jobs and the media panders to us. Or we're the media.
    So which one of you knows the sound guy at VH1?

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