The Same Fate

I like to look at local bands for 3hive, and usually that means Detroit acts. The Same Fate are even more local than that; guitar player Joe used to sleep in the back of my Creative Writing class a few years ago. He’s spent his time since wisely, skipping classes at the University of Michigan, playing gigs for ten people, and crafting gems like “The Last Flight of the Fireflies,” the most frequently played track on the family iPod.

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  1. I have fallen in love with The Last Flight of the Firefly… Joe, I understand why it is the most frequently played track on your iPod.
    I am definitely going to invest in the Telling Time With Seasons EP.

  2. Geez, Max, can I at least get subject-verb agreement in your first sentence? It should be “many a show”–singular. Who was your English teacher anyway?

  3. I live around the Detriot area, and I can’t wait to go to a show that they are performing in at the Legion Hall, May 7th. Hells yeah. A Fatal Denial will be there too, a metal band quickly gaining popularity in the Detroit area, out of Northville, also, hells yeah.

  4. I love you guys! I have known about your guys for a long time and been to like 3 of your concerts in Novi. You guys should have more of them more often.

  5. basically…the same fate rocks the world…last flight of the fireflies rocks the world…you guys rock…what more can be said?

  6. i think that they are an excellant band and i had the chance to hang with them while i was in michigan and go to a couple of shows and they blew my mind. go caleb
    peace out from your cousin

  7. Where do I get more!? I found this song on my boss' playlist at work and he had no idea of the real song title nor the artist, but I love it!! I want to buy more!

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