AM 960 The Student Undeground Network. Founded by 3hive’s own Sean way back in 1993. Our friend Scott and I hosted a ska show, making our best effort, as Scott recently said, to educate the high school youth in town about ska. We lifted the title of our show from the Skaos song “Ska Skank Down Party.” This song below is from Skaos’ brand new album Pocomania, proving to us once again that them German rude boys sure can cuss. Note: Two more songs added from earlier albums, “Too Late” and “Shout.” Enjoy!

5 Replies to “Skaos”

  1. Notice the “other” genre. That’s new. We figure we’d throw whatever doesn’t fit into our current genres there. Once a particular genre begins to thrive on its own we’ll add it to the menu.
    Nice job Clay on 3hive’s first “ska” entry……

  2. Seriously, this website rocks. I haven’t heard a band I haven’t liked since discovering your website (ok that’s not entirely true…some bands were disappointing to say the least).
    Now you’re posting SKA! *tear* (yeah, I like ska…so what? 😉 ) This is great. It definately serves my appetite for free music, and I get to find a new band each day!
    Basically I wanted to say thank you, from a teenage music geek.

  3. Thank you, Amie. We’re music geeks, too. Just not teenagers!
    And Mattie, thanks for linking to Bonehead. It’s a live song so I didn’t link to it, but you did help me remember two other songs I forgot to include.

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