Deadstring Brothers

My friend Aram suggested the Deadstring Brothers for 3hive, and I think I know why. You see, Aram knows the oeuvre of Bob Dylan the way the rest of us know our birthday or the alphabet. I think, in the roots rock of the Deadstring Brothers, he hears a little tribute to Bob, or at least a recognition of the work of Bob’s son Jakob and his band, The Wallflowers. On the other hand, maybe he just thinks they’re a decent band. Either way, enjoy that pedal steel guitar slide in “27 Hours,” and thanks, Aram!

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  1. No problem!
    The Deadstring Brothers performed at last year's Tastefest in Detroit (for those of you who haven't been, it's a great place to see alot of great bands for free!) on a small side stage and caught my ear as I was passing by with a plate of ribs. They got me hooked with a great rendition of The Band's classic tune Get Up Jake. Good times. And a great band.

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