Richard Swift

Richard Swift has gone to great lengths to make his music sound seventy years old. Whether hacking a Victrola into an iMac, or fudging the fuzziness of decades into his recordings, Swift distresses his songs with just enough texture to make you doublecheck the copyright date. None of these lo-fi antics however overshadow the songwriting skills of this post-modern troubadour.

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  1. A friend of mine turned me on to Richard Swift after seeing him play keyboards for Starflyer 59. I was instantly hooked. There's a melodic, melancholy tunefulness to his songs that really get to you.

  2. Leftwing no long distributes or makes Richard Swift CDs… However, Richard has on-line ordering set up at Otaku, our label.
    We will be releasing an electronic Swift side project called Instruments of Science and Technology as well as vinyl Swift releases in the coming months. Instruments is available for pre-order now.
    If you hear these mp3 and want to find out more info on Richard or get added to the mailing list, our url is

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