The Insomniacs

Many years ago Sean introduced me to The Three O’Clock, a mod-influenced power pop trio who were strong in the music but displayed a common shortcoming of mod bands: the lyrics were just stupid. “Jet Fighter Man/that’s what I am/cause tanks go too slow.” That’s actually my favorite song by them, but I mean, come on. The Insomniacs are another mod-influenced power pop trio who I turn to when I miss one of my favorite all-time bands, the early ’90s British mod-influenced power pop trio Five Thirty. (I recently had the priviledge of introducing Sean to Five Thirty, a little quid pro quo.) The Insomniacs have almost got it all: bass-shaking snarling (in the mod sense of the word) guitars, tight Small Faces harmonies, enough hooks to knock out Pete Townshend, and a singer whose voice makes him a dead ringer for the singer of Five Thirty. Let’s just not discuss the lyrics.

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