Over seven albums, Low have collected praise and fans from all over the world. Their sound has grown and expanded, from the gentle stillness of I Could Live in Hope to the strong melodies and warm harmonies of Things We Lost in the Fire, and from the pure genius of their cover of Joy Division’s “Transmission” to proving they can make some noise with best of ’em on “Monkey” from their Subpop debut, The Great Destroyer. Simply one of the best bands out there. Enjoy.

Note: Their wonderful ode to the Misfits that was previously featured on 3hive is no longer available from their revamped website. It’s time to start a letter writing campaign to get it back!


4 Replies to “Low”

  1. Mother of God…i saw these folk on Monday in Dublin, and my mind was so blown away that it still hasn't recovered…i'm not sure it ever will…
    They played a whole lot of stuff from the new album, plus my favourite: "Sunflower" plus they ended the gig with "Dinasaur Act"…amazing. Plus i got all their autographs. Plus he played the guitar with his mouth. Plus they were stunningly,insatiably,magnificently good.

  2. Claire, you're making me awfully jealous. You're seeing some great bands, and you're reminding me of the years I spent in Ireland.

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