A Girl Called Eddy

I first heard A Girl Called Eddy when, several months ago, my wife randomly and luckily checked out her CD from our local public library. Seeing as it’s a public library and not a small, financially-strapped indie record shop totally devoted to offering the freshest new sounds around, I imagine many of you are already familiar with the smooth vocals and ’60s pop sensibilities of Erin (Eddy) Moran. Many of you know her solid songwriting skills, her stellar pop craftsmanship, her classic sadness. All I want to know is, why didn’t anybody tell me sooner?


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  1. I'm pretty sure the second track is The Long Goodbye, not Let's Play Life. Wally Pleasant made a damn fine song, but it's not good enough to just make The Long Goodbye cease to exist.
    …come to think of it, that would be pretty cool if a song was cool enough to do that.

  2. Hey, thanks for the catch. I guess I got too excited about the year of the chicken/rooster (Happy New Year!) and momentarily lost my ability to read.

  3. Good to see you (or anyone!) calling attention to AGCE. Truly a fantastic album, one of the best of last year, no question. I've bought many copies of this CD and sent them out to friends all over the planet in an effort to spread the word…

  4. I love that track "Golden" and I'm surprised her record didn't make more year-end best-of lists. The sadness in her voice and the epic pop production values get much closer to "Dusty in Memphis" than most of the lo-fi retro pop pastiches you tend to hear nowadays.

  5. Does this great music section thing translate to University libraries as well? I swear, if I walk into the UGLI and find a copy of the latest Belle and Sebastian I'm going to hug the closest unsuspecting student.

  6. She also put out an EP on Le Grand Magistery with 5 songs (2 of which I believe are earlier versions of tracks found on her new album). You can see and hear it here at http://www.magistery.com (click on the little album cover just under the "G" in the word "Toog") Also there are tour dates for her on this page.

  7. I just got back from seeing AGCE perform in a very small club (Hotel Cafe) in Hollywood this evening. This was her first performance in the US as part of her current co-headline tour. I spent 5 hours in traffic (there and back) just to see her and it was definitely worth it for the goose bumps and the hair standing up on the back of my neck. She sounded great! It was such a treat to see her especially since I've been absolutely loving her music the past couple of months. Unfortunately they weren't able to bring a drummer for this tour. (He wouldn't have fit on stage anyway, the place was so small.) The trio did sort of a semi-unplugged treatment of the material. When I first got to place I was a little worried how the songs would sound with such a stripped down approach, but they pulled it off beautifully.

  8. Oh and the set list was as follows:
    Tears All Over Town (opening)
    The Long Goodbye
    Somebody Hurt You
    People Used to Dream
    Life Thru The Same Lens
    Golden (closing)

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