If you’re not familiar with, start listening TODAY. They’ve been setting the musical standard for alternative radio for 20+ years. Program Director Mike Taylor and I recently traded a couple music tips. I turned him onto Giant Drag, and he pointed me in the direction of Jeniferever: slow, sparse, and epic rock ‘n’ roll.

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to (did everyone but me know about this?)…I have been listening for about half an hour and now they are playing The Wedding Present, one of my favorites.

  2. the band website is back up but they removed the MP3's. I have heard play them a few times. Majestic & powerful!

  3. heyhey. our webhost didn't allow mp3files on their servers. so the site was down for a couple of days. it's up again but we had to move the mp3s to an other server so this is the new adresses:
    You Only Move Twice:
    For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky:
    Kap Farvel:
    so feel free to download.
    and if someone could change the adresses on this site too that would be great.
    take care
    /kristofer, jeniferever

  4. Hear Hear! on Catherina's comment about WOXY. What a tremendous station! It's a perfect complement to Now if there was a way to listen to it live in the car…

  5. hello. no us releases so far. we'll see with the album later this year. hopefully it will be released in the us as well.
    also. if you wanna visit the english version of our site dont use that link because it doesnt work properly as that link is to one frame of the site. just enter and press the union jack and then hold the mouse over the text and the english menu will appear.

  6. i was trying to find out if is playing the octopus project and ended up finding your site. yay and thanks for the great music recommendations. i've listened to WOXY for nearly 18 years of my life, but it's always nice to find new music somewhere else.

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