The Octopus Project

My 4-year-old son is obsessed with marine life of all kinds, to the point where a recent visit to the London Aquarium nearly resulted in a restraining order. It seems he couldn’t keep his hands out of the manta ray tank (to be fair, it was marked as a “petting” exhibit). He also recently informed me that he wants a pet octopus. My subsequent research led to this surprise discovery: some killer deadpan glitch funk from Texas — at a fraction the cost of a real octopus!

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  1. I know, i’m a broadband bitch…
    I only got to listen to “Music is Happiness.” When the song first started, I was thinking “Oh great, another ‘producer’ with ACID Loops…”, but after it got going, I found it to be a pretty well done track.

  2. Based on listening to these first two tunes off their latest album, I decided to check out their live show recently at Rothko (NYC) and was blown away! They were opening for The Wedding Present and I Love You But Iíve Chosen Darkness. A solid line-up for sure, but the batting order should have been reversed because The Octopus Project easily stole the show. Thrashing action figures on stage that made the others look like a Hummel collection in your grandmaís china cabinet.

  3. I would steer clear of octopi as pets – they only live a year or two (even in the wild), they are extremely intelligent and only have one bone in their entire body which means they are notorious escape artists and when they are scared they ink, which can cause problems in confined spaces (it starves their oxygen unless you can get it out quickly)!
    The pointless information dept.

  4. I loved I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness! Octopus Project were also great, but all in all it was a great show. I'd heard so much about all the bands, especially Chosen Darkness, that I was easily blown away. Great night!

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