The Fatáles

Vaguely detached, vaguely nostalgic, vaguely wonderful space pop. It’s really hard to believe these guys are unsigned…maybe they’re not in it for the money, just on a personal crusade to promote use of the accent aigu (á). Either way, I’m in.

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  1. awesome, one of the best groups you’ve exposed in a while. Cosmonaut is even earning a spot on my old-skool 5GB ipod, which is saying a lot considering how much good music just won’t fit.

  2. Hello! I am here on behalf of the membership of The Poppy Club. We appreciate the fabulosity of your blog and congratulate you on your recent success in The Best of Blogs Award competition. We are hosting a party to celebrate you and your fellow finalists and would be honored if you would join us to walk the Red Carpet and greet your fans:
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday–January 21-23
    The Tall Poppy Diaries
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  3. you can't believe they're not signed?
    do you know anything about the current state of the music industry? in case you don't, labels are going bancrupt, and the ones that aren't are completely out of touch with what people want.

  4. Dammit. I could have SWORE I heard of them from this website first. I guess I'm conditioned to think of 3hive first in the land of mp3blogdom…

  5. hey um, i couldn't disagree more… sure, the corporate labels are no more daring or in touch than they have been for the past 20-30 years. but that's like saying the spread of mcdonalds is choking off demand for fine niche restaurants. i believe people's appetites for something unique and artful is growing, thanks in part to an increasing number of independent labels who are taking chances on music they believe in — and doing quite well for themselves in the process thanks to new revenue streams (e.g., music licensing) and better access to ears (by spreading word of mouth via free MP3s and other downloadable goodies). seriously, could 3hive and others like us exist if the music industry were as sucky as you make it sound?

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