DJ Soul Slinger

Hidden in the back of every music collection is a little rave music. Okay, maybe not every one, but there are plenty of us who keep a little something stashed away. I pulled out my personal rave-orite Altern 8 recently. My five year old was not impressed. Another from my collection who is actually still going strong is DJ Soul Slinger. A native Brazilian, Carlos is an early purveyor of rave/jungle/drum’n’bass music/culture/goods here in the good ol’ US of A, and a perfect way to welcome a dear friend to 3hive on her first visit.

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  1. Props for mentioning Altern8!! Everytime I listen to Full On Mask Hysteria I'm transported back to my days as a candy raver, with a floppy knit hat and pants bigger than an SUV! "Move My Body" indeed!

  2. I have lost my altern8 tape. I really need the cd, it has been deleted everyone tells me. Where can I get or download it? You know the score.
    Always chilling never illing

    Ao som do tambor coraÁ“o
    da nossa musicada de amor
    AfavÈl pris“o que n“o cogito libertar-me
    Quando me afago em seus braÁos…
    Indecifravel proteÁ“o
    Fico a escutar a canÁ“o
    Da nossa ampulheta uni“o
    No perdurar da madrugada estagnada.
    For you. My soul!!!!

  4. Carloswe need you back in philly, you nev er made the train back in 95… catch a jet, ill set it up for the day the earth dances…
    namaste… shukron, gracios
    ferd. porsche 3rd…. 911

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