Built to Spill

“OH MY GOD!” (do I have to, like, pay royalties or something to Dooce for using all caps in a blog post?) I thought when I found “Joyride,” off Built to Spill’s The Normal Years, a K Records gem. (Thanks to Jared and his homemade K Recs t-shirt for the reminder to check their website.) One of my favorites from a thoroughly brilliant collection of random tracks, “Joyride” is a perfect representation of its title — exuberant, juvenile, and out of control. I’d love to put the whole album up here; IT’S THAT GOOD! (The check’s in the mail, Heather & Jon.)


4 Replies to “Built to Spill”

  1. Ahh, yes, “Joy Ride”! (If you have seen Jared’s shirt than you’ll get this, other than that, oh well) I >^_^< (Kitty-kat) Built To Spill. I think all of the K Record bands kick. They’re good. I recently heard a newer (maybe new, maybe not) song of theirs, and to be honest, it was a little disappointing. Anyways, yeah “OH MY GOD!” is the best reaction to this song. Yeah, I’m Jared’s brother.

  2. Thanks, Josh. For Built to Spill, besides “The Normal Years,” check out “There’s Nothing Wrong with Love,” on Up Records. That’s an awesome album. Also, on the K Recs website, the Land of the Loops track is pretty cool. Hey, maybe Jared should start taking orders for homemade t-shirts and make a little money.

  3. I'm definitely gonna check this out. the mp3s don't work but I trust you. I'm surprised there aren't more K record's groups on here…where is Little Wings. they are the best group on that label

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