Magnolia Electric Company

Apparently there’s this guy named Jason Molina whose jangly voice and honky-tonk geetar owe a great debt to Neil Young and who had a band called songs: ohia. Apparently he renamed his band after one of the latter band’s album titles. And apparently the hazy barroom rock sounds as sweet as Tennessee bourbon whiskey on Magnolia Electric Company’s debut live release. If you’re wondering why all the parenthetical talk, it’s because Molina’s as new to me as he might (or might not) be to you. And apparently I’m kicking myself for not discovering him about five years ago.

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  1. I went through a similar thing about six months ago upon first discovering Molina. He has a giant discography behind him, and I'm slowly buying it all. I've absolutely fallen in love with his music.
    To clarify a little about his name change, Songs:Ohia wasn't actually a "band," it was just him. Like any pop singer, the other members of the group interchanged and didn't have the same artistic input as a "real band", ie, Flogging Molly. Magnolia Electric Co. was originally an album put out by Songs:Ohia. The band playing with him on that album was a group of friends. Molina decided he really enjoyed playing with those people and wanted to make them permanent band members. So, for his new permanent band, he chose the new name "Magnolia Electric Co." So that album has a dual existence; it's both a Songs:Ohia album and the first self-titled release by the Magnolia Electric Co.
    Also, check out for free tracks from Molina's older albums.
    Enjoy. I hope you fall in love with his art as much as I have.

  2. I'm am old guy…I grew up listening to The Stones, Three Dog Night, Chicago, the Eagles, Steven Stills, Neil Young, Tom Petty, the Clash and Bruce…I discovered Pearl Jam, Cracker, Todd Snider, Rancid and the Bouncing Souls just in time to save me from classic rock hell…MEC is as good as any of those…

  3. molina is extremely gifted. few people can write such slow, minimal songs and get away with it. "didn't it rain" has become one of my favorite albums -the 3 last songs rock my world. i will say though, that i'm extremely upset that he's not performing more songs:ohia stuff while touring with MEC

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