Flogging Molly

Allie told Jared about the Celtic punk intensity of Flogging Molly, and this is what he told me (Allie was at the dentist, or I’d have asked her, too): “Sometimes you’re just in a happy mood and want to listen to something upbeat, like when I’m driving around in Minnesota with my friends, running red lights and honking at people and acting crazy. That’s a good time to listen to Flogging Molly, you know.” But of course, young man, but of course. And thanks, kids.

Personally, I’m loving the memories these tunes evoke, like the time when Sam and I went to see The Pogues but Shane MacGowan passed out dead drunk during the first song (I’m pretty sure it was “Boat Train”) and Spider Stacy sang the rest of the set. Yeah, Flogging Molly should have been the opening act who ended up playing all night long.


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  1. Ahh, Flogging Molly…
    I remember a few years back, I think it was 2000, walking in to Warped Tour with my brother-in-law, we were trying to figure out which way to go first and just wandering around when we happened to walk by the stage Flogging Molly were on. We where instantly blown away by the type of music and the show the band puts on. After their set we got to meet the singer and one of the other guys they were very cool.
    Sorry to babble, your post just made me remember how fun they are live.

  2. Jeez. Out pogue mahones the pogues.
    My memories of the Pogues are:
    1) sailing down to the antarctic full and by with pogues blasting out on the foredeck puzzlin’ the albatrosses no end.
    2) my pregnant missus (3 days to go) moshing at the horden with shane leering at her.
    ‘dose were days

  3. i dont no what to say other than flogging molly is just about the bestest band ever. guinness is the best beer!

  4. i love flogging molly so much…i listen to them everyday…i remeber the first time i heard them was in the care right after my freind bought one of there cds and she put it in…dude it kicked ass! ROCK ON BITCHS!

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