Daydream Nation

No, this ain’t the sixth album from Sonic Youth released in October 1988 getting its own entry here on 3hive, and it’s not a Sonic Youth cover band. Daydream Nation is actually a Canadian duo doing their own thing, which is a mysterious combination of Brit pop from the ’60s invasion and the ’90s revival influenced by other notable Brits like the Cure and Swervedriver, although their sound is not as “shoegazer” as they and others would lead you believe. These songs are from Bella Vendetta, their second album.

4 Replies to “Daydream Nation”

  1. These guys kinda suck. If they could play their instruments a little better they could probably do away with all the distortion they're using for camouflage.

  2. What the fuck?
    Stealing their name from a Sonic Youth album, their label's name from a Stone Roses song, and their sound from every 12th grade band in Idaho?
    They can go to hell.

  3. I love it when people take music and sports way too seriously. In this case, they rip on this band but love bands like Interpol, the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, or the White Stripes.

  4. you guys are a bunch of crybabies, how dare they take sonic youths album title blahblahblah…i dig em’ reminds me of swervdriver, and that whole shogaze sound from the early nineties.

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