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I have a couple confessions to make. First, I feel asleep during a U2 concert. I’ve never been a big fan. I respect the band tremendously, but their music, and that concert in particular, just don’t do it for me. My second confession: I cried at a David Sylvian concert. Not that I wept out loud or anything, but his voice, its rich timbre, literally brought tears to my eyes. He has a long musical history, beginning with the band Japan, then his solo work. The first track, “Mothlight,” is an ambient piece composed as an accompanyment to a group of photographs. The remaining tracks include vocals and give a better sense of David Sylvian’s well-honed craft.


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  1. Hey, have you guys ever thought of setting up a Podcast? That would be amazing if I could just automatically download this stuff to my iPod.. would be an awesome way to find new music.

  2. ahhh…yeah, David's voice is amazing, isn't it? I've never had the luxury of seeing him live but I imagine it would be amazing…and I respect your attitude/feelings about U2…I'm much in agreement.

  3. I think I understand when David Sylvian has said that the early Japan was "all about artifice". When I did some study on how the band began, it is amazing to consider that they had press in magazines before they had even recorded a record.
    But I miss that early sound. The pumping synthesizers. I know artists must follow their bliss, but that era of GTP, QL, TAIA…are still my favorites.

  4. thought it was just me, finally saw him on the everything & nothing tour and his voice still makes me shiver after all of these years (& it was a version of ghosts that reduced me to tears) …

  5. David is amazing. Been a fan since Polaroids/Quiet Life, saw him live in London a couple of years ago and downloaded these tracks ages ago (no new tracks for months at Samadhi's nicely designed, but too Flashy-pages).
    A remix of Blemish is out soon (I did not like it, still don't).
    There's long interview with Sylvian over at Spike Magazine (www.spikemagazine.com/interviews.php)
    Late Night Shopping will be on my first podcast playlist airing later in January.
    It was also interesting to see Siouxsie and Budgie (South Bank London Show last year) visiting similar Japanese landscapes as on the magical Tin Drum.
    Thanks for promoting David.

  6. I went to see David in Bristol with some friends.He nearly made me cry. simply for his utter contempt for the audience.I had been a life time fan up until that point.His music had been the soundtrack to my life. I think hes been hanging out in the court of King Crimson for too long.

  7. I had seen David when he came though Philly at a very small venue. The crowd was very respectful, David was terribly remote, so was his brother. When he finished a song the audiance wouldn't applaude right away, like the where waiting for the strings to stop resonating and glom every moment. I remember during one of these pauses I heard myself say "WOW" pretty loudly. That was the only moment when he seem to enjoy himself whith a grin. And I cryed at Forbbiden colors to.

  8. the words wee love,
    and words wee live,
    all the thinks wee like to
    forgive ! I forgive my self that
    i dont have chance to hire david sylvian live. my love for his
    shadow on my life is writen
    on the screan!
    Thank YOU!

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  10. I've cried to loads of tracks that David's voice has inhabited. 'I surrender' or 'Orpheus' has me at the point of breakdown every time. I skip over these tracks if I'm in a public place! For years (about 25 of them) his music has remained part of the soundtrack to my life – I haven't a clue what he's on about some of the time though! I listen to him in bed mostly- the only time I have to myself. Tell me what's better than David's voice in your ear as you drift…..keep it clean!
    Karen South Wales UK

  11. David is somewhat of a conundrum. I have observed his career for 26 years (I’ll never forget the landscape that Japan’s Tin Drum created for me at 12 yrs old). I saw him with Robert FRipp and Michael Brook, then once again on the Slow Fire Tour where he performed unaccompanied. I never though he could pull off some of the Gone To Earth songs on accoustic guitar. And yes, I cried during Before the Bullfight.
    The conundrum for me is that being so enraptured by his music, lyrics and vocals for so many years on a personal and spiritual level, its hard for me to reconcile what a complete prig he can be. Seeming so humble through his music, yet in reality incredibly closed off and pompous. Back when Dead Bees was released it seemed that finally he had attained some personal growth and opened up to “other possiblilties…”, like marriage and children. Wow, for the consumate artist parenthood must have been a reality check! Nevertheless, he is the most profound recording artist to date for me, Snow Borne Sorrow is no expception. I just wish he could lighten up and run for mayor or something. Jeeze!

  12. Davis is abolutely gorgeous and marvellous, his voice, his poetry. He´s just the voice: Damage, Before the Bullfight, Nostalgia, Orpheus, A Fire in the Forest, Every Colour you are, Silver Moon, Darkest Dreaming, It´ll never happen again, Linoleum, Forbidden Colours, I´ve waited for you, Ride, I Surrender, Answered prayers, Exit Delete, On the Waterfront, Taking the veil, Heartbeat, Some kind of fool, World Citizen…Oh, Mr. Fripp, you´re the genius as well, Upon this earth, Bringing down your light. I cry almost everyday with you, Dear Sylvian.

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