Jennifer Gentle

Don’t let the name fool you, Jennifer Gentle is a couple of Italian cats. One used to be an ice cream man in Berlin. Among their choice of instruments is a deflating balloon (“I Do Dream You”). Sound weird enough yet? It’s all true. Brace yourself for fine, imported psychedelia and quirky, contemporary pop recorded like it’s 1967.

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  1. Jennifer Gentle, CinaOggi and PSI together for a social advertisement in Yunnan
    CinaOggi, the italian webportal about China, has realized a social advertisement for the american NGO Population Services International, that will be screened 16 times per day on Kunming Television, from January to February. The aim of this ad is the improvement of youth attitudes toward condom use. The soundtrack is written by Jennifer Gentle, the first italian band to sign a contract with the legendary american label SubPop (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, The Shins and lot more).
    Here you can watch the video:

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