The Herms

My next-desk neighbor tipped me off to The Herms this afternoon. We’re both back in the office after a healthy holiday break. His New Year’s Eve was much more celebratory than mine. He: Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco for the Rogue Wave, Kelley Stoltz, and Herms show; Me: road-tripping back home down I-15, determined to miss the Las Vegas to L.A. parking lot over the weekend. It’d have been nice to have iPodded these tracks for the ride. “Record Machine” could be a demo recording from Bauhaus, and the remaining tracks, while wandering off on a sort of Jonathan Fire*Eater tangent, fail to disappoint. I’m baiting Clay with the former comparison. Watch for his impending, spirited comments.

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  1. I bait easily.
    It’s funny, Sean, that you bring up Jonathan Fire*Eater, since this past week while remodeling my kitchen I’ve listened to everything of theirs that I’ve got. The self-titled debut, the EP’s Tremble Under Boom Lights and Public Hanging of a Movie Star, the singles These Little Monkeys and the Curtain Calls for You, and the LP Wolf Songs for Lambs. (Others in the Kitchen-a-ganza 2005 playlist: Wire’s Chairs Missing, Stereolab’s Transient Random Noise Bursts with Announcements, the Apples’ Velocity of Sound, The Chemical Brothers’ Dig Your Own Hole, Mates of State’s Team Boo, some 80’s era NYC ska from the Boilers and the Toasters, and everything by the Walkmen.)
    I like the Herms. But they’re no Jonathan Fire*Eater. It’s like comparing, say, the Specials to Madness. Maybe they can be thrown in the same genre, but, like the Specials, JF*E was darker, while the Herms seem more pop, like Madness. The Herms do though have that 60’s pop nostalgic vibe, not unlike other 3hive favorites Saturday Looks Good to Me ( ) or The Aisler’s Set ( ). You have now inspired a very special selection for my next post, so look for it Wednesday.
    You should be proud of me, my friend, for biting my tongue on your Ulrich Schnauss ( )/My Bloody Valentine comparison…

  2. May I suggest that you put your URL in the ID3 tag notes of the MP3s you host and post because by the time I get around to listening to some of the songs I've downloaded, I forget where I got them and who to thank.

  3. Hmm. JFire*Eater?.. I don’t hear that. I’ve seen them and I don’t get the connection.
    I just listened to ‘Record MAchine’ it sounded like a song that couldn’t decide to be Iggy’s ‘Now I Wanna Be Your Dog’ or Bauhaus’ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.” …not that that is a BAD thing…

  4. I am in the band and I like that you guys like to compare us to anyone. We will be somewhat properly releasing things soon. I will check back to gather a full report of who we sound like after the ep is given a listen.

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