Windsor for the Derby

Waaaaay back in the late ’90s, WFTD built a modest rep on synthy post-rock instrumentals. Now they’ve taken to delicate (still synthy) melodies, narrative lyrics, and generally sounding all grown up. And, holy extreme makeover, does it sound alright to these ears…

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  1. Nice timing. I just got this CD in the mail a few days ago, actually. I have to say, I am definitely happy with it, but unfortunately, these two MP3's are a tad misleading. They don't quite show you what to expect from the rest of the CD. For one, hardly any of the other tracks have any vocals. With or without vocals, these two songs are by far the best.
    Don't get me wrong – great CD, but listening to these two songs alone is misleading.

  2. I'll have to listen to that later, when I'm not busy, uh… working on my paper… yeah, I should get back to that.
    So, I wonder if the other WFTD CD's are as good as this one? I'm definitely enjoying it, although I still stress that those two MP3's you linked overhyped the album in my mind.

  3. i'd recommend *minnie greunzfeldt* (trance syndicate, 1997) — a fine album with whispery instrumentals and, on occasion, whispery vocals — and *emotional rescue* (aesthetics, 2002), which is more tuneful but still very mellow. both albums trace the evolution that led to *we fight til death*.

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