Rosie Thomas

I was recently told I don’t represent my ‘hood enough in my music selections, so here’s a little something unexpected from the 313 (by way of Seattle)…
Rosie Thomas recorded her last record in Detroit’s oldest church, a telling indication of her timeless approach to music and storytelling. Thomas pits her confident, downhome pipes against simple arrangements and open, innocent lyrics, bringing in members of her musician family to help out along the way. So perfect and cute, without the annoying aftertaste.

5 Replies to “Rosie Thomas”

  1. Rosie Thomas is one of my favorite singer songwriters. She has a gorgeous sense of melody and complete sing along lyrics, especially "Wedding Day" [what girl could not love this song?]. Thanks for featuring her. =)

  2. I really dig Rosie Thomas – thank you so much for sharing her music – and also thank you for mentioning that tid bit about her last album – I had no idea! Detroit Rock City!

  3. I just want to say that I am NOT Rosie Thomas [the singer]
    but im so glad i share my name with her because she is amazing!

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