Film School member, Nyles Lannon, graduates, goes solo and trades out a few guitars for a computer and puts a tech touch to his homestyle melodies.
Two mp3s added. Original posting: 06.15.04.


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  1. Yes, n.Lannon has already been featured (good eye!) but he had posted two new mp3s, so we updated our post. We’re currently working on a protocol for updated posts such as this, so it’s clear that new songs have been added to a pre-existing post. We don’t want to add new mp3s to a post and let it sit buried in the archives…..any suggestions?

  2. i think adding in that italicized line about what's changed in the post is adequate. oh, and thanks for updating this one – i heart nyles lannon.

  3. Wow. This guy is so good. I just got the record "chemical friends" (after hearing these mp3s) and I swear it has to be the best thing that came out in 2004, and still so under the radar. get it if you like the mp3s.

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