Mar-Tie the Avant Garde Grandpa

Imagine Wesley Willis, but old, white, thin, and into country. Casio-inspired riffs and wisdom from someone else fighting demons (many of the female persuasion).

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  1. I hate to leave bad comments, but I'd also hate to download 13 megs on a dialup connection for this disappointment. The sample rate may be 192 kbps, but the quality is horrible. The music doesn't make up for the poor record quality.
    I'll be honest that I'm generally not a country fan (major understatement), but country fan or no, I couldn't make myself listen to the whole song a single time. At first I thought the horrible vocals were a joke for the intro, but the joke was on me. I will be eagerly watching for reply comments from *someone* who liked these songs, just so that I know there is a reason why the songs made it on 3hive.

  2. I think it would be safe to say that if production values are important to you, do not waste your time downloading many of the files we link to.
    I liked these songs. Mar-Tie is someone who doesn’t fit the stereotype of anything indie, and that, in and of itself, is indie. I felt that like Wesley Willis, you have an initial response, but as with all music, if you dig deeper and read up on the people behind the music, you find a compelling story.
    Here, a person with an illness (bipolar, and possibly split personality disorder) is making what he believes to be beautiful music and following his dream.
    If you read about how this music came to be, or care about such things, you might listen with different ears.
    Or just hit the Iron and Wine page.

  3. I love this. It is lo-fi, scary, and well worth the download. This is just why I love 3hive. Keep on doin’ it.
    Peace out.

  4. I like 3hive because the people upload more than just indie. You are getting the song for free it is suppose to be samples. You also don’t have to like what someone else does. There is plenty of other music these people upload for anyone to try perhaps you could do that.

  5. I actually find him to be incredible. being a big fan of woody guthrie, as well as guest vocalist "ken" on beck's stereopathetic soul manure, i dig lo-fi country.. definitely check this out.

  6. Thank you all. Just found the link about my grandfather. Even seeing his name being caustically referred to in the same sentence with Iron and Wine is just brilliant. Thank you. Hopefully, discussions like this will help to unearth more tapes by a man who was possessed with a desire to produce music so strongly he had to be institutionalized.

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