New Phoenix Single

Phoenix | Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix |
Phoenix | Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix |

I like Phoenix. And they like you. To prove it, they just released their new single “1901” as a free download. Gotta go here to get it. No email or log in necessary. The band will issue their full album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix on May 25th.

Every Move a Picture

Nigh on two years ago, I wrote about my wife asking me, “Are you listening to 80’s music?” whilst posting about Kawaii. When I was getting Every Move A Picture’s album Heart=Weapon from eMusic recently, she asked me that yet again. I really should have posted about this San Francisco band this time last year, but I passed. However, I recently discovered them again, filling that space between Bloc Party and Interpol. So flying back from SFO on Friday night going through Bay Area bands—reminding me how much I still miss the late great Henry’s Dress—on my MP3 player I decided to finally get around to Every Move A Picture. Their website points to their myspace page, where you can grab at a lower bitrate two of the better songs, “Outlaw” and “Simple Lessons in Love,” from their album.

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The Adored

Guilty Pleasure Admission #38: I’ve got a thing for mod-influenced British post-punk with a hint of glam, a la These Animal Men, a British band who were so good (“Too Sussed” was just awesome) until they went full-on glam. California’s The Adored carry on this fine tradition, even enlisting Pete Shelley (yes, that one!) of the Buzzcocks for guest vocals on “TV Riot.” The Adored do owe a great debt of gratitude to the Buzzcocks and the other late ’70s British bands who blazed this trail before. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Guilty Pleasure Admission #39: the Bodyrockers. Any more quilty pleasures anyone cares to share?

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Brendan Benson

If Brendan Benson’s indie cred translated into cash money, he could probably find what he’s looking for, instead of still looking for it. All the hip Detroit bands link to his website; he runs a ghetto recording studio and hangs out with Jack White; he got screwed by Virgin Records in a ’90s album deal but is back with V2 anyway — what more could you ask for? Benson’s got a little twang, some ’60s sensibilities, and a whole lot of talent. If he could only get Jack to punch him out in front of some photographers…

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