Every Move a Picture

Nigh on two years ago, I wrote about my wife asking me, “Are you listening to 80’s music?” whilst posting about Kawaii. When I was getting Every Move A Picture’s album Heart=Weapon from eMusic recently, she asked me that yet again. I really should have posted about this San Francisco band this time last year, but I passed. However, I recently discovered them again, filling that space between Bloc Party and Interpol. So flying back from SFO on Friday night going through Bay Area bands—reminding me how much I still miss the late great Henry’s Dress—on my MP3 player I decided to finally get around to Every Move A Picture. Their website points to their myspace page, where you can grab at a lower bitrate two of the better songs, “Outlaw” and “Simple Lessons in Love,” from their album.


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  1. yeah so i had heard about this band and princeton from a friend a few days before seeing them on this site. she played every move a picture under the guise that they were some german band…so we danced in her car and said stuff like "HA-HA-HA THIS IS SOOOOO GERMAN!" and imagined all the german scientists in their white lab coats concocting this noise creation…so needless to say…i am like, so totally embarrassed that i mistook san francisco for germany.

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