Brendan Benson

If Brendan Benson’s indie cred translated into cash money, he could probably find what he’s looking for, instead of still looking for it. All the hip Detroit bands link to his website; he runs a ghetto recording studio and hangs out with Jack White; he got screwed by Virgin Records in a ’90s album deal but is back with V2 anyway — what more could you ask for? Benson’s got a little twang, some ’60s sensibilities, and a whole lot of talent. If he could only get Jack to punch him out in front of some photographers…

11 Replies to “Brendan Benson”

  1. metarie is my favorite. i love how lonely it is. and how honest. (bought some mags on my way home for later on, you know, when im all alone. .bottle of wine and some cigaretts…)

  2. Yes Aerial, I think "Metarie" is a great song too. Sadly it's only available as a .wma. I even wrote BB's management to see if they could toss it up as an MP3, but no response & no luck.

  3. breandan is fantastic.
    but,grr don't diss jack!:P
    they have actually formed a new band,jack white and brendan. i don't remember what they are called though..

  4. i love brendan benson! favorite song is me just purely ( one mississippi )
    it makes me jump from my bed..and of course metarie, that was the first song i heard from brendan, i’m a total fan..i and i dream with the day i can see him performing..maybe sometime
    jack white and brendan b?? thats true?

  5. Brendan is just as good live as he is in recordings. I saw him open for Keane this past year, and I was absolutely hooked.

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