Skeletons & the Girl-Faced Boys

Weirdo, funk pop that’s sure to “git” the party started. Or not. Depends on the party. Depends on the party favors. Reminds me of this book I’m reading where a young Nigerian boy dresses up like Elvis singing and dancing for tips, but Skeletons & the Girl-Faced Boys are the polar opposite: white boys dressing up and getting funky à la Prince.

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Mobius Band

Just ain’t no doubt. Ghostly has consistently released some of the best, essential music for the past several years. When we started up 3hive (over a year ago!) Ghostly artists frequently appeared on this site. But then the label made the ghastly switch from full MP3s to clips. Oh, the delight to discover a full-length MP3 from Ghostly’s newest signing, the MA trio, Mobius Band! These gents put just the right amount of “electro” into their “rock” without falling into neu-wave cliché. Imagine if R.E.M. began in the 21st century instead of the ’80s of last. They share similar melancholy vocal mumblings and novel sonic arrangements. Get this one while you can, don’t know how long it’ll last.

*Note: Ghostly’s back with MP3s! Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Peep the newest Mobius Band MP3 “The Loving Sounds of Static…”

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