The Epoxies

Some of our more avid readers may have noticed we were late in posting our last several entries. We had been experiencing those fabled technical difficulties, but our pro MT man, SeÒor Blurb, set us straight. You can continue to expect quality, free, and legal music from us daily. While Jon was tinkering on 3hive’s back end last night, I was busy pogo-ing to the Epoxies. Now this is Neu-Wave: leave your cooler-than-thou posturing at home and bring on old fashioned, danceable fun.

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  1. wow am i glad you guys are back on!! o_O i need my new music of the day … but its kinda cool getting 5 new bands in one day to check out.
    i never even knew neu-wave was a genre…
    its pretty good stuff.
    VERY danceable…kinda what i imagine the cure would be like if the cure was danceable.

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