Hey Mandible

“Ahhhh… the 90’s.” That’s the first thought that came into my mind during my first listen of Florida 3-piece Hey Mandible’s new album The Arse. The heavy bass lines and swirling, distorted guitars take me back to my late teens and early twenties when I was destroying my stereo speakers with bands like Nudeswirl, Mind Funk and Gruntruck.

Those super-heavy bass lines and distorted guitars are the driving force behind opening track “Supernovatone” (below). Caution, if played too loud it’s sure to melt your face.

Classifications be damned! If you dig loud, distorted, in your face music–Hey Mandible is the band for you. Fort Lowell hooked us up with an exclusive full album stream to share with you guys, check it out below you won’t be sorry. The Arse comes out on March 31 on Fort Lowell and Infintesmal Records. You can preorder it now from Fort Lowell Records. Enjoy.

Hey Mandible – Supernovatone from The Arse (2015)

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