The Melodic

The Melodic, a 4 piece, folk-pop band out of South London recently released their debut EP, On My Way, with Anti. Using instruments like the Charango, Melodica and Kora (most of which I have never of heard of ), The Melodic have created a fresh new addition to the folk genre. Title track “On My Way”, is instantly captivating from it’s very first notes. The music has a happy melody, sure to cure even the sourest of moods. The boy/girl vocals are fantastic, light and airy. It’s one of my favorite songs right now. Check it out below.

The Melodic – On My Way (radio edit) from On My Way (2013)

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The Melodic


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  1. Agreed the dynamic of the male female vocals is great , right up there with a fleetfox sound , however the use of obscure instruments didn’t woo me to such great heights , yes that was a postal service reference, Ben Gibbard would probably applaud this track anyhow

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