Five Favorites: Possum Dixon

Possum Dixon is one of the most underrated bands of the 90’s. They were masters of their craft, which was playing infectious 2-4 minute power-pop songs that hooked you from the opening chords. Their first two albums, Possum Dixon and Star Maps, are just as relevant today as they were when the band was still together. Possum Dixon’s existence as a band spanned 10 years, from 1989 to 1999. In that span they released 3 LPs and a few EPs. They had there day in the sun back in ’93 when their single “Watch That Girl Destroy Me”, received a steady flow of airplay on radio and on MTV, the song charted as high as No. 9 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart in the U.S..

I have taken on the task of choosing my five favorite songs from their catalogue. This was not an easy task, as there are a lot more than five great songs from this band. To those who are not familiar with Possum Dixon, there is never a better time than now to get started. Enjoy.

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