Mean Jeans

Mean Jeans are a pop-punk band out of Portland Oregon. They released their second album, On Mars, back in April on Dirtnap, it is catchy as hell! Full of rad hooks and goofy lyrics, On Mars blows through 36 minutes without really taking any time to breathe. The track below, “Anybody Out There”, they pull out all the stops with xylophone (i’m guessing) at the beginning and “oh-oh-oh’s” throughout. It’s a great punk rock track, and would fit nicely into any summertime playlist. Enjoy.

Mean Jeans – Anybody Out There? from On Mars (2012)

Mean Jeans


Green Noise

2 Replies to “Mean Jeans”

  1. Hey, I frequent your blog. I just have to say that I really
    love this band! Their debut album Are You
    Serious?, which by the way rocked my socks, was super fun to listen to. But
    their new album On Mars melts my face
    (in a good way). I think the quirky weirdness of the band makes the music so
    kick ass and fun. I don’t feel judge by them, if that makes any sense. I always
    enjoy watching their music videos, but I have to say that this one is
    exceptionally good. The space odyssey to find an alien who parties is too amusing.
    The catchy oh-oh-oh’s make me want to jam out and turn the volume up. You’re
    right this song would make a fine addition to any summer mix!

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