Ty Segall

Ty Segall is carving out a big notch in the “neo-psych garage” (I wish I came up with that name) genre that’s been brewing in SF for several years now, alongside bands like Thee Oh Sees, and Sic Alps. Segall has played in, and collaborated with quite a few bands out of SF, such as Party Fowl, Epsilons, and Sic Alps to name a few. Segall’s new album, and first full length with Drag CityGoodbye Bread, comes out today and is definitely an album you need to add to your collection. “You make The Sun Fry”, shared below, is a great example of the album as a whole. Full of reverb, fuzz, thick bass lines, and bashing drums, “You Make The Sun Fry” is lo-fi goodness at it’s best and is another great song to add to your summer playlist.

You Make The Sun Fry from Goodbye Bread (2011)

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