As I mentioned last time I posted Boris tracks, what little I know about modern metal I learned from the Aquarius Records newsletter. I thank their metal-obsessive staff for putting me on to Boris all those years ago. At the same time, classifying Boris as “metal” is like calling Beastie Boys “rap” – while technically accurate for the most part, it’s underselling to a point of deception. So when Boris drops not one but two albums at once, it’s cause to celebrate. Heavy Rocks, not to be confused with their 2002 album of the same name (and cover art, except for the color), evolves the raw sound of its predecessor while nonetheless rocking your face off. Attention Please showcases guitarist Wata’s heavenly voice which until now has taken a backseat to her violent riffs. These two representative singles give you a sense of the results, and of Boris’ vast range: “Hope” is an urgent shoegazer beauty while “Riot Sugar” is as gentle as a charging rhino. Enjoy.

Hope from Attention Please (2011)
Riot Sugar from Heavy Rocks (2011)

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  1. cant wait 2 put my hands on that album! they R on tour in june & they come near my home: cant wait 2 C them live on stage as well

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