Computer Magic

Computer Magic and 3hive are kindred souls. First off, they love to share. And that’s what we’re all about here at the ‘hive. Sharing the sharing. Computer Magic has three EPs for your downloading pleasure. No strings attached. And here’s the best part: it’s as good as anything you’ll hear on the radio right now. But it’s not on the radio. Yet.

Kinship part two: the sound is right up our alley: the bass has a slowed-down New Order bounce to it which works so well with CM’s spacey synths and sweet, sultry vocals. Their compositions are playful like Land of the Loops, or more recently Michna, but without their glitchiness.

The brains, voice, and vision behind Computer Magic is Danielle Johnson aka Danz a New York native, an up-stater, who made her way to Brooklyn after high school and went from spinner of records to writer and recorder of records. With a little help of some friends Danz translates her bedroom bliss pop to the stage and according to NME her cuteness belies a “monstrous talent.”

Computer Magic gives me hope. Hope that in today’s pop culture ruled and reigned by the likes Lady Gaga and Jersey Shore I can steer my daughter towards a more palatable pop icon(oclast).

Found Out from Electronic Fences EP
Grand Junction from Spectronic EP
Holiday Song from Spectronic EP
The End of Time from Spectronic EP
Everyone Feels That Way Sometimes from Spectronic EP

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