David Bazan

I don’t listen to David Bazan as much as I should. The reason why is pathetic. And definitely one a musician never wants to hear—that you love one album, or maybe just one song, so much that anything else from that artist pales in comparison, according to that person’s narrow, small-minded, myopic point of view. Guilty. My two favorite song’s from Bazan come from his Pedro the Lion album It’s Hard to Find a Friend: “Big Trucks” and “When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run.” I’m enamored by the way those songs sound like snippets from short stories, more narratives than lyrics. And their tempos, their simplicity, and Bazan’s young, quiet earnestness on that first record. I realize this is no excuse and I need to dig deeper into his catalog—especially if I plan on attending one of his upcoming West Coast living room shows (Tickets go on sale today. Only 30 are available for each show). I don’t want to be that chump in the corner only singing along to or requesting older material. I hate those people.