We just included Pocket’s Top 9 of 2009 in our on-going Best of 2009 lists from friends of the ‘hive. Be sure to take a gander that way for his take on art, apps and laughs along with his cover of New Order’s “Sub-Culture” for next year’s tribute album from 24 Hour Service Station. If you don’t already have any of Richard Jankovich’s songs in your pocket, now’s the time to start squirreling. Formerly of Burnside Project, Jankovich began remixing tracks for oh, folks like Beck, Radiohead, Cat Power and Antony & The Johnsons. And now he’s putting his depth of musical taste and history to good use in a series of singles marrying vocalists from bands like Dag Nasty, The Church, Shudder to Think, Liquid Liquid and Asobi Seksu with his own blend of electronic beats, blips, and blasts. I noticed he dropped a Human League sampled beat in one of his tracks as well—it’s like he’s curating the Gen X museum of music geekdom with his Warhol-esque pastiches of the past and ever evolving present.