Bishop Allen

Bishop Allen may very well be the first band that’s been reviewed by three of us. Yeah, we’re pretty geeked about them. Take a look at the artwork for their new album Grrr… Do you like what you see? Do you appreciate its colorful, simple whimsicality? Then you’ll love the new tracks; the music marches hand-in-hand with the visual. Notice the clean white space. The music has that same crisp, airy feeling. I quickly donned headphones, wanting to squeeze my brain in between the bright melodies, the bouncy bass, snappy guitars, and the lyrics’ ‘ancient commonsense’ poetics. The question is, will the songs last the replays while I wait another month for the other eleven songs? I’m highly suspicious the answer is yes. Songs like these remind me why 3hive exists: must…tell…others… The new album and tour begins March 10th. But a pre-order ensures you get the goods a week in advance.

Dimmer [MP3, 4.1MB, 192kbps]
The Ancient Commonsense of Things [MP3, 4.7MB, 192kbps]