I’ve already written about how Mac has been my personal shrink. Portastatic’s got a double disc of demos, singles, B-sides and covers — Ryan Adams, Galaxie 500, etc. — coming out in a week. Some Small History: sign me up!

Some Small History [MP3, 6MB, 192kbps]

Original post: 01/17/06
Mac McCaughan — either with Superchunk or solo as Portastatic — pretty much got me through the 1990s, much to the annoyance of my friends and girlfriends. Yes, every song does sound the same, and no, I don’t care. “I Wanna Know Girls” is like unconditional love for me, a song that I’ve been waiting for, maybe without knowing it, for five years or more. ” I wanna know girls but only love one,” “and yeah my love weighs a ton.” (So do I, with the sympathy pounds I’ve added during my wife’s pregnancy, but that’s another story.) It’s nice to see Mac’s songwriting mature from last decade’s boozy lovesickness, and it’s also nice, for me at least, to hear that the songs do still sound the same.


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  1. well, this is wonderful. Superchunk got me through the latter part of high school in many ways, and i know who i have to thank for that 🙂
    thanks for this great song.

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