Marching Band

I dig the quick and dirty track Clay posted yesterday from The Real Losers. Good and raw. It reminds me of a knockout Kafka saying (for the original quotation replace “listen to” with “read” and “records” for “books”), “I think we ought to listen to only the kind of records that wound and stab us. If the record we are listening to doesn’t wake us up with a blow on the head, what are we listening to it for?”

Marching Band is a soothing antidote to those records that leave you bleeding. This Swedish duo is making quite a name for themselves on L.A. radio, which in turn has plenty of music supervisors geeked on Marching Band’s carefree indie pop. Obvious comparisons can be drawn to The Shins, but I immediately thought of Field Music when I heard “For Your Love.” “Make Up Artist” has a similar disco pop groove to the underrated Phoenix. The band generously shares tracks from the three EPs before their debut album, which is available now. I’ll quit yapping so you can make your own connections to your favorite artist, because there’s really something here for any purveyor of the popular side of rock ‘n’ roll.

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