Here’s a little something to keep an eye on, Montreal duo Bikini. Alisa mentioned their Feist cover sounds like a sleepy Daft Punk (“hey honey, you never read 3hive, but why don’t start writing for us??” It won’t happen. She’s blog-phobic. Says they make her feel like a voyeur. Yeah, what’s wrong with that?). The one original they’ve posted for the world to hear, “I Remember Being Young,” quickly stuttered and warbled its way into my head and had me grooving out with some impressive air knob twiddling. The song seems to be an homage to childhood, something like “hole in your shoe, everyone can study, everyone can sing…sunrise is meant to get up, sunset’s meant to fall asleep…” Really hooky, but way too short. Keep that thing going! Spin it around the block one more time! Bikini will reveal more when they release their EP next month.