Soccer Team

Must admit, I’ve always wanted to have a 3hive soccer team. Many years ago, I scored over Jon’s head straight from a kickoff while he was in goal. And my most vivid memory of playing against Sam is blocking one of his shots with my face, only for the ball to drop right back onto his foot so he could slam it into the back of the net anyway, leaving me with a red face (due, in part, to a bloody nose). So maybe it would be better to have 3hive sponsor a soccer team, you know with our logo plastered on the front of the team’s jerseys.

Ryan and Melissa, both employees of Dischord at one point, included this little gem on their 2006 LP ‘Volunteered’ Civility and Professionalism. Yes, it’s a bit old, but it’s new to me and I’m kicking myself for missing it until now. The LP displays their very clever, lo-fi pop, moving from fuzzy and effects-laden guitar, to pounding drums, strumming acoustic guitars, and everywhere in between, recorded to 8- and 4-track tape. That resulting tape hiss? I think they wanted us to hear it.